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Our Theory: Baby Sleep Consultant

You’ve heard of cry it out. You’ve heard of Attachment Parenting. You’ve heard of Ferber. You’ve heard of child centered and strict scheduling, Newborn Sleep Schedule, Infant Sleep Schedule. We are NONE of those! We take a Biblical family centered approach to all our infant and child training.

What is a Biblical family centered approach? Well, it’s based on what the Bible says about family! A child is one of many gifts God gives to a family – but the family’s life, decisions, Sleep Aid For Babies , Putting Baby To Sleep time and structure does not revolve around that child. Let’s break it down a bit.

Children are a blessing – we know this very well. That’s why we have 6 of them! Though a blessing, a child ought not be the foundation on which we make all of our decisions and structure our family. God defines different relationships in Scripture. Two that we will evaluate are the husband and wife relationship and the child/parent relationship. When a husband and wife are joined together they are made one flesh.

Children are added to this family, but there is a distinct relational difference. They are not added to the one flesh with husband and wife. Conversely, children are to be in submission to parents. Scripture says “children obey your parents” and “fathers, bring your children up in the training and admonition of the Lord”.

There is no question that children are loved and valued by the Lord and God commends parents also to love their children. They simply have a different role and relationship.

All of our theories and practical training flows out of these foundational truths. As the God given authority in a child’s life, a parent must guide and train the child in love and humility. A child does not know what is best. They must learn. And a parent with wisdom and experience must teach them.

For infants, training comes in the form of organizing their day. We teach our babies when is the best time to sleep – at night! We guide them into rest during the day before fatigue over takes their little bodies. For a toddler or older child this means teaching him or her who God is and to obey His commands, which includes obeying parents. All of these require Mother and Father to be the authority.

My Baby Wont Sleep

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room! Does our method include crying??? No matter how you train your child to sleep, there most likely will be some amount of crying. HOWEVER… We are firm believers that if you structure the day correctly there will be a MINIMAL amount of crying involved.

Of course, the earlier you start on a routine, and sleep training the less “protest” you will have from your child. If a child is allowed to establish bad sleep habits over a long time, the harder it can be to break those habits.

So to summarize our method in a nutshell: We take a Biblical family approach to infant training. This means that a new baby fits into the normal routines of the family, and the family does not center life and decisions around the baby. We believe in a consistent daily routine to maximize feedings and minimize unnecessary crying. We believe that babies must teach themselves to fall asleep on their own to achieve the best sleep possible.

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