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Brad:                                   We’re going to get you the three secrets of a sleeping baby. Look, we’re baby sleep consultants. That means we get paid a lot of money to help families all over the world get their babies sleeping through the night. We always come across these same three stinking things that we talk to families over and over again. We’re like, “We’re just going to make a webinar and we’re going to get these three things to people for free right now,” and help you get your baby sleeping through the night. That’s the goal of this. To get you some good information to give you an epiphany and an ah-ha moment of something that might help you get your baby sleeping through the night. Even if you think you’ve tried everything or even if you have absolutely no plan, this webinar is for you.

Greta:                                  Right. We are Brad and Greta, and if you don’t know, we have six kids of our own. Six. We have learned a ton through the years. We’re constantly training babies because they’re all eight and under, so-

Brad:                                   Because we keep constantly having babies. I don’t know. More babies, more training.

Greta:                                  We’ve learned a ton. We’ve worked with all different sleep personalities and so we’ve got so much good information for you. The way. We’ve got the methods that work. They’ve worked in our family. They’ve worked in other families, so we’re going to give it to you.

Brad:                                   Yeah. Tell them what a sleep consultant is.

Greta:                                  All right. A sleep consultant is …

Brad:                                   That’s us. That’s her.

Greta:                                  … an expert in helping you get your baby sleeping through the night. When your baby sleeps through the night, you sleep through the night.

Brad:                                   With, we’ve developed a sleep accelerator course, and this is the most amazing course ever. We teach stuff that nobody teaches. We teach tips, tricks, core values, core principles, core things that you can do. Things that work on all babies that no one teaches. We teach that inside our sleep accelerator course. These three secrets we’re going to talk about, we’re going to pull them out of our sleep accelerator course. The three secrets we’re going to give you today are the three secrets that we work with with all of our big clients all over the world.

Now, we believe in a three-tier model. Let me get my piece of paper here. I’m going to show you. This is our model. We believe in good information. We believe in a community of loving support with other like-minded people, and we believe in ongoing mentorship. Ongoing mentorship and support, that’s the key …

Greta:                                  So necessary.

Brad:                                   … to making your baby sleep through the night.

Greta:                                  Yes. All right, who this webinar is for? Well, it’s for any age range. “I have a toddler that doesn’t sleep.” “I’ve got a newborn that doesn’t sleep,” or, “I want to get on the right path my newborn,” or, “I’m pregnant and I don’t have my baby yet. I don’t know which way to go.” That’s for you. It’s also for someone who is willing to be open-minded and willing to try some new things. You might be pushed out of your comfort zone a little bit, but that’s okay. That’s okay. That’s for you if you’re willing to do that. Who this is not for is someone who is closed minded and unwilling to try some new things.

Brad:                                   Yeah, this is about getting your baby sleeping through the night, so if you don’t want to do that you are in the wrong spot because we are going to help you get your baby sleeping through the night. Two things. One, we need you to pay attention because this is really good stuff, okay? You’re here. We’re here. We took the time to do this. We need to get a lot out of it, so shut off your Facebook. Shut your Instagram down. Whatever. Get rid of it all, okay? Focus in on this because this is going to change your life. This is really, really good stuff. This is stuff that we teach our high-end clients all over the world. We’re going to give it to you absolutely for free.

In fact, it’s so important we are going to just flat out bribe you. We have three secrets. You need to hear them all. It’s not going to take long, and we are going bribe you to stay until the end. We are going to give you our baby sleep cheat sheet. Okay?

Greta:                                  Good stuff.

Brad:                                   There’s more pages of this somewhere here, but this is the first page. This is going to help you get more information, but we’re only going to give it to you if you stay and watch these three secrets, so that is what we are going to do. You need to get this. A $99.00 value, we’re going to give you absolutely for free.

Greta:                                  Before we begin, we’re going to do a quick evaluation. You’re going to ask yourself, “What am I doing right now and is it working for me?” What am I doing and is it working? Am I happy? Are the needs of my family being met? Ask yourselves these questions.

Brad:                                   Right because listen, the effects of not sleeping … If you answered no to all of those, chances are if you’re here you’re not probably doing so hot in the sleep category, right? The pain, and the suffering, and the stress of not sleeping through the night for moms and dads, that’s equivalent to divorce or death of a spouse or death of a loved one. This is the real deal. You guys have a really big pain right now, and we’re going to help solve that pain for you so you need to get this information right now.

Greta:                                  Just think about how irritable you are, how you can’t control your emotions when you don’t sleep. You have to have rest. You have to have time to spend with your kids. You have to have the emotional energy to spend with your kids. You can’t just turn on the TV all day every day if you have older kids because you’ve been up all night with the baby.

Brad:                                   Or go to work, or …

Greta:                                  Or go to work, yeah.

Brad:                                   … do all that kind of stuff. You’ve got to perform. You cannot sit on the sidelines and be miserable.

Greta:                                  Your children need you. They need a mother that functions.

Brad:                                   We will change your life and make all that happen.

Greta:                                  Imagine just being able to say, “Goodnight.”

Brad and Greta:                “I love you. See you in the morning.”

Greta:                                  The morning.

Brad:                                   The morning.

Greta:                                  Like 7:00 a.m.

Brad:                                   Put your baby down and say, “I’m not going to see you again for …”

Greta:                                  10 hours.

Brad:                                   “… 10, 12 hours.” Right?

Greta:                                  Yeah.

Brad:                                   That’s the goal of what we have going on, and that’s what we teach in our family-centered approach. There’s We have our sleep accelerator course, and in there we have a bunch of secrets, but we have a family approach. A family approach is fitting your baby properly into your family. Greta, tell them that.

Greta:                                  They aren’t the center of the family. You can’t make every decision based on this child. You have to make decisions based on what’s best for the family.

Brad:                                   We have to give our child an appropriate amount of attention. We don’t want to overreact and we definitely don’t want to under-react with what we have going on. Overreacting would be like your baby, just a little whimper, “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my baby’s dying.” Your baby has real needs. Babies are 100% dependent on mom and dad when they come into the world, so under-responding would not be loving them, or feeding them, or whatever, …

Greta:                                  Bad idea.

Brad:                                   … so we certainly don’t want that. We want you to meet your needs, but we’re going to help you understand in how to not over meet those needs, mom and dad. Hint, hint.

Greta:                                  Right, and let your baby control the whole family and keep you up all night long.

Brad:                                   We really have two ends of the spectrum. Greta, take them through this end and over here to this end on the two ends of the spectrum and kind of where we fall in.

Greta:                                  There’s the …

Brad:                                   My nose is itchy tonight.

Greta:                                  There’s the attachment parenting, not sleep training, where every time baby cries you see it as a need for food or a need for attachment, so you feed them, and you feed them, and you feed them, and you feed them.

Brad:                                   It’s exhausting.

Greta:                                  It’s exhausting. On the other end of the spectrum is don’t meet your baby’s needs. Well, they eat at 10:00, 2:00, and 4:00, and I’m not going to-

Brad:                                   Yeah, clock feeding. Cry it out. Just soulless, gutless, heartless, just you run by the clock.

Greta:                                  Circumstances, context, there’s none of that.

Brad:                                   It doesn’t matter if you’re teething. You only eat at two o’clock.

Greta:                                  Where do we fall? We fall somewhere in the middle.

Brad:                                   What we’ve done, is we’ve taken the best of both of those models, and we fall a lot closer to crying it out, I guess, or whatever, which we’re not. We’re not cry it out. Not cry it out, but it’s like this. It’s like lollipops. Should we give our child lollipops all the time, whenever we want them, and as many as they want? No. That doesn’t make any sense, so you don’t do that when you feed your baby either.

Greta:                                  They’d have rotten teeth. Your children would have rotten teeth. That doesn’t make any sense.

Brad:                                   God has given us wisdom, and we’re going to use our parental God-given wisdom. We’re not going to let our one-year-old run their own life. We’re going to run their life, and we are going to use our wisdom when they should eat, taking things into context, and when they should do other things, taken into context because we love them and we want them to nourish, and flourish, and do what’s best for them.

Look, there’s not a sleep training method in the world that doesn’t involve some type of crying. In fact, what we do minimizes the amount of crying because, listen, we have six kids and we hate crying, so we’re not …

Greta:                                  I don’t like it.

Brad:                                   .. going to teach you that. We hate it. We hate it, and we want it to be as short, and quick, and painless, and as minimal as possible.

Greta:                                  With our process, we aim to limit the amount of crying, so we get the least amount of crying as possible. We’re going to get to that in our third secret, but-

Brad:                                   But we’ve got to get our first secret first. Greta, take them through secret number one.

Greta:                                  What’s the biggest problem? It’s you.

Brad:                                   It’s you. You are the single biggest thing holding your baby back from sleeping through the night. Guys, you have to get out of the way and let your child sleep, okay? You love them and that’s fabulous. We love you, and you love them, and we all love each other, but you’ve got to let them get sleeping and get out of the way.

Greta:                                  I just think about Stephanie. Stephanie’s one of our students, and at three months old she’s like, “My baby’s still not sleeping. She’s up like four times a night, and I don’t know how to fix this.” She started watching our videos and she started implementing some things, and she’s like …

Brad:                                   “Oh, my gosh.”

Greta:                                  “She just did it. I didn’t even know that I was keeping her from sleeping through the night.”

Brad:                                   Look, most people, most moms have good intentions and all this kind of stuff. They love their baby so much, but they inadvertently do the wrong things because they love them so much. They unintentionally hinder the sleep of their baby, and that’s what we want you to absolutely avoid. Get out of the way. Stop doing that as well. You have to have the right thinking.

Greta:                                  We have to have the right thinking about crying. We’ve already talked about crying a little bit, but we have to stop thinking about crying as this really awful, horrible thing that’s going to just destroy my baby’s mind, and their temperament, and their attachment with me. That’s so not true.

Brad:                                   A lot of people think that every time a baby cries or every time they make some kind of little noise it’s like, “911. Oh, my gosh. I’m on the brink of death. Come save me life.” Is that true?

Greta:                                  No.

Brad:                                   That is not true at all. Not true at all. When babies cry, a lot of times, most of the time they’re not in any harm and they’re not in any danger.

Greta:                                  It is a baby’s way to communicate, and sometimes they’re communicating that they’re hungry. Sometimes they’re communicating they’re tired, and sometimes when you are sleep training and you put them down in their crib they’re communicating that they don’t like it.

Brad:                                   No, but Greta, if we let our babies cry they’re going to be emotionally damaged. They’re going to come out and have black eyeliner dripping down their face when they get older, and long, freaky hair, and tattoos all over their face and everything. They’re going to be rotten, horrible, people. That’s what happens if we’re going to let them cry, right?

Greta:                                  No. Uh-uh (negative). I’m sorry. It’s just not true. There is nothing that would support that claim.

Brad:                                   Okay, but wait. If we do this to our baby, if we let our baby teach themselves how to go sleep using guidance and sound wisdom they’re going to get to sleep, but are they going to trust me?

Greta:                                  Yes.

Brad:                                   Is my baby going to grow up and trust me?

Greta:                                  Yes.

Brad:                                   Or is he going to hate me later when I’m older?

Greta:                                  No, they will trust you.

Brad:                                   Really?

Greta:                                  Yes, they will. [crosstalk 00:11:21]

Brad:                                   Oh, go ahead.

Greta:                                  It’s proven. It’s proven. We’ve not only proven this with our six kids, but we have …

Brad:                                   Clients and parents all over the world. Look, babies cry. It’s how God made them, okay? The dog goes, “Woof.” The cow goes, “Moo.” We don’t know what the fox says still, but babies cry. Think of this because your babies are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. Let’s say you’re going down the grocery store aisle. You’re in the grocery store aisle and there’s cereal all over. You’re in the cereal aisle and there’s left, and right, and everything going on, and you’ve got your three-year-old in the cart, or your four-year-old, or your five-year-old, or your 30-year-old. They’re like, “I want Captain Crunch cereal,” and you don’t buy it for them. They start to freak out. They cry and they throw a fit. Why? Because they’re not getting their way. They’re giving a protest and they’re not liking the situation. Is their life in danger? No. Will they be harmed if they cry because they didn’t get their way? No. That’s the same way with their baby. What happens is when we’re sleep deprived, we lose our minds.

Greta:                                  We do. I can’t take it anymore.

Brad:                                   We forget how to think logically. We’re so tired it’s like being in the desert and you hallucinate and all this kind of stuff. You’re so tired and you can’t take it anymore. You just start to believe these lies and these horror stories that you see online, and all this kind of stuff. You’re like, “Oh, my gosh.” It’s awful. It’s awful.

Greta:                                  You can’t live like that.

Brad:                                   Does that make sense? You have to have the right mindset in order to get out of the way to help your child do what he really needs to do, and that’s to learn how to get sleep. A lot of times babies cry because they want to go to sleep, but you haven’t taught them yet. You need to teach your baby how to sleep through the night.

Greta:                                  So many times, it is not as hard as you think it’s going to be.

Brad:                                   It’s not as hard as you think it’s going to be. Secret number two. Second secret.

Greta:                                  This is my favorite secret.

Brad:                                   This is fantastic. The $1,172 sleep mistake and how to completely avoid that all together, Greta, tell them what it is.

Greta:                                  They must be taught sleep not bought sleep. What does that mean? They cannot depend on sleep crutches, is what we call that. Is your baby going to sleep? Are they putting themselves to sleep? Are you laying them down in the bed awake?

Brad:                                   Sleeping is a skill. It’s a skill. Babies are born with the ability to sleep. They can sleep. They just don’t know how to put themselves to sleep. They’re born with the ability to sleep, but they’re not born with the ability to put themselves to sleep. Guys, did you hear what I just said? This is amazing. No one teaches this stuff but us. Babies are born with the ability to sleep, but they’re not born with the ability to put themselves to sleep, so we have to let them do that. Go ahead, tell them.

Greta:                                  Well, I just tell them about …

Brad:                                   You tell them, girl.

Greta:                                  … some of the common sleep crutches. Now, it could be fancy things that we buy. There’s tons of stuff on the market now. Rockers, and vibrators, and beds, and …

Brad:                                   The weirdest, strangest stuff. Remember how I said parents lose their mind? Well, they lose their mind and they buy these vibrating, flashing, whatever.

Greta:                                  Yeah, and they’re like-

Brad:                                   Spend hundreds of dollars on this stuff.

Greta:                                  Yeah, and they’re like, “I just have to do something. If this is what is going to get my baby to sleep then this is what I’ve got to get.” It could be those things, but it could be some things that are absolutely free too, like rocking and nursing.

Brad:                                   Nursing.

Greta:                                  Those are sleep crutches. Actually, nursing is probably the number one offender. It’s bad.

Brad:                                   How to avoid-

Greta:                                  Not that nursing’s bad. Nursing is wonderful.

Brad:                                   We love breastfeeding moms, but you need to spend your money on knowledge, not things. When you find someone with great information and great how-to’s like us inside of our sleep accelerator course that we’ll tell you more about and how to work with us in a little bit after we get you the free baby sleep cheat sheet here in another minute, that’s what you need to spend your money on. Not stuff and toys that just trick your baby into sleep that eventually wear off.

Greta:                                  Can I tell a story?

Brad:                                   Please.

Greta:                                  I want to tell a story about Grace, who is …

Brad:                                   I’ve got Grace’s picture right here. Look at Grace. There’s Grace. She’s a real person. Not the facial expressions there. You will not believe the story of Grace, one of our sleep accelerator students.

Greta:                                  Before she contacted us, before she was a student the only way that her baby would sleep is if she was being held and the faucet was trickling water.

Brad:                                   Guess where they slept? In their kitchen, and ran the water all night long and every nap. Look, they had to go for the faucet because listen, when you’re tired and you get desperate you will try anything to get your baby sleeping through the night. Am I right? Can I get an amen out there somewhere? Am I right? You guys have all tried some crazy things?

It doesn’t have to be like that, guys. We will teach you. We will mentor you on how to get your baby sleeping through the night. That’s what we do. We come alongside people hand in hand and we ensure your baby’s sleeping success. We will make sure that it happens. Our success rate is like 100%. We never had a mom do exactly what we say and not get their baby sleeping through the night, or their toddler sleeping in the bed, or anything like that.

Greta:                                  I’ve got another story.

Brad:                                   Okay, another story.

Greta:                                  Emily. She was a human pacifier. A human pacifier. It didn’t cost her any money, but she had to decide like, “My baby’s sleeping, and I have to go to the bathroom, so do I wake up my baby or pee my pants?”

Brad:                                   Sound familiar? That is where you are and that is where we’re going to take you. That’s the amazing thing about a sleep consultant, working with mentors, is because, look, if you get a book, a book’s going to tell you what to do, but the problem is a book doesn’t tell you how to get from where to where you want to be. Let’s say sleeping through the night is like Chicago. Well, you could be in Boston, or Texas, or Dallas, or Las Vegas, or Florida, or California, or whatever, and each of those things is a different path to Chicago. We come alongside you and we do a personal analysis. We say, “Okay, you’re here. Here’s what we need to do. You fix this. You fix this. You do this. [inaudible 00:17:30]” That’s what a baby sleep consultant does and that’s why we’re so successful because we ensure your success with a custom tailored plan.

Greta:                                  All of our students are like, “I’ve read all the books, and I just didn’t know which way to go. I really couldn’t figure that out on my own. This information conflicted with this information. Please, just tell me what to do.”

Brad:                                   Because a lot of times what we do is we train in the negative. Listen to what I’m saying. A lot of times what we do, we train in the negative. Again, guys, no one teaches this stuff. Training in the negative. Do you know what that means? Well, let’s talk about what training in the positive is. Think of a basketball team. What do they do? They practice making shots. A football team, they practice holding onto the ball. No one wants to go around and practice missing shots or fumbling the football, but, see, what you guys do as parents is practice doing the things that are harmful and that you don’t actually want to do. You sink yourself tighter, and tighter, and tighter, and you dig yourself et and deeper into this hole, and that’s why you can’t get out on your own. You’ll never be able to get out on your own.

Greta:                                  All right, are we ready for secret number three?

Brad:                                   Secret number three. This is the big one. Secret number three.

Greta:                                  A good night starts with a good day.

Brad:                                   This is why 99. … It should be a 100. 99.6% of parents absolutely whiff on the most crucial part of babies sleeping through the night. How they whiff. Here’s how to fix it. Ready to go.

Greta:                                  What is a good routine and what is not a good routine?

Brad:                                   Here’s what a lot of people think. We say, “Oh, do you have your baby on some type of routine or schedule?” They’re like, “Oh, yeah.”

Greta:                                  They’re like, “Yeah.”

Brad:                                   “Sure.”

Greta:                                  “At seven o’clock, I do the bath, and I do the lotion, and then we read books. Then I put them in their jammies, and sing them a lullaby, and snuggle, and then we go to sleep.” But that’s not the routine. That is not what gets your baby to sleep. It is the entirety of the day. This is where the secret of our course really is how to set out that day so that you get the results that you need during the night.

Brad:                                   Yeah, it’s all about the daytime, guys. A lot of people think, “Oh, I’m going to keep my baby awake all day so that they sleep all night.” Uh-uh (negative). That’s not it. Good days make good nights, and listen, no one teaches this stuff. We focus on the daytime and knock out a bunch of different scenarios and things during the daytime, and then the nighttime just happens. So many people start on the nighttime. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Guys, this is the same stuff we work with our high-end clients. Guys, this is such good information. Don’t start at night. Don’t do it. Start during the day with all that good stuff.

Greta:                                  Another story. Story time. I love story time. Kristy, another one of our students, she had a nighttime routine. She didn’t focus on the day at all. She focused on that half an hour before bedtime and guess what half an hour turned into? It turned into four and a half hours. Seriously, she rocked her baby for four hours to get that baby to sleep during the night.

Brad:                                   Right because if you start with these little tricks, if you have a 10-week-old, or a four-month-old, or a five-month-old, and you start doing these little things like rocking then it takes more and more rocking, and more and more rocking, and more and more rocking, and more and more. All the sudden you’re like, rock and roll hall of fame, right?

Greta:                                  Yeah, or all night long.

Brad:                                   You’re spending an hour before you need them to go to sleep every time and that’s exhausting. It’s exhausting to get-

Greta:                                  Then they wake up in the middle of the night, and then what have you got to do? You’ve got to rock them back to sleep. We’ve got to focus on the day. We’ve got to do our training during the day. We’ve got to get the good routine during the day. We have to get our whole day set up. Our feeding set up. Our nap time set up. We’ve got to get all that set up and that gets you set up for the good night.

Brad:                                   That’s exactly what we do, guys. That is what a baby sleep consultant does. You get to work directly with us. We have the most amazing information in the world. Information alone is great, and we think we have the best, but it’s just simply not enough. It’s like learning Chinese. You want to go learn Chinese? Go buy a book. Good luck with that, right? Would you like to hire a Chinese tutor to come to your house three days a week? Which do you prefer?

A mentor, and a tutor, and a personal trainer. It’s just going to get it done. Think of a gym. We’re like a personal trainer for a gym. If you want to lose weight … Think of The Biggest Loser. Personal trainers and all this kind of stuff. Have you ever seen someone in there not lose weight? No, because what a personal trainer does, they go in and say, “Okay …”

Greta:                                  They make you do it.

Brad:                                   Yeah, they make you do it. “Here’s your body type. Here’s this. We’re going to do these exercises in these orders. Not in that order. We’re going to do them when I say them, and how I say them, and we’re going to run all five miles. We’re not going to stop at 4.2 miles and round up to five.”

Greta:                                  It works because they’re experts. They’ve done it.

Brad:                                   Look, personal trainers get things done, and that’s what we are. We’re mentors and we do all that kind of stuff. Remember the three components of … Where’s our sheet here? Remember our three components? Good information, community, and ongoing mentoring and accountability. We’re going to tell you about our video portion of the course. We’ve personally shot, I don’t know, at least eight hours …

Greta:                                  Eight hours. At least.

Brad:                                   Coming up on nine by the time … Tons.

Greta:                                  We’re continually adding to it.

Brad:                                   We continually add to the video portion of our course. When you decide to work with us, you get the video portion of our course. You log in and there are videos broken out that you can watch step by step by step. There’s almost 50 videos, I think, in there. They’re all broken down to each one that they are. Listen, videos are so much easier to learn by and understand, right? Would you rather read a book on how to fix a sink or would you rather …

Greta:                                  Listen.

Brad:                                   … pull up a YouTube video on how to … The top three search things in YouTube right now … Well, there’s four, but we don’t want to talk about one of them, okay? Taylor Swift videos. Those don’t count. Cat videos. Those don’t count. It’s how-to videos. How-to videos because people want to learn from another person. When you have a video course, guess who gets to get involved as well? Your spouse or your loved one because they don’t want to go read a book. Ain’t nobody got time for that, but your spouse is going to sit down and watch a three-minute video. Because in our sleep accelerator course if you’re having trouble with your swaddle, you go right to the swaddle video and you watch four minutes on knocking out the swaddle like that. If you have a teething baby, you go to the teething baby video and you watch it. You get to watch it with your spouse and put a game plan together. We cultivate that unity between husband and wife because we have our family-centered approach and we love each other.

Greta:                                  You get to listen to me for like eight hours. What’s better than that?

Brad:                                   Videos. Yeah, what’s better than that? Videos are motivating too. You guys, listen, you can do it. You can get a sleeping baby. I hope you’re encouraged by this video so far because a lot of what we have going on is just saying, “Hey, listen, you can do it,” and we’re going to help be here to motivate you and encourage you. Because look, sometimes that’s all it really takes is you feeling the warm and fuzzies. If someone’s there helping them you get an expert opinion, you get the affirmation that what you’re doing is correct because a lot of times moms sit at home alone and they wonder if they’re doing the right thing or not. That’s the pain and the anxiety that we take away.

Greta:                                  Yeah, we do.

Brad:                                   Absolutely. You look like you were going to just jump in there.

Greta:                                  Oh, no. Sorry.

Brad:                                   No, that’s okay.

Greta:                                  I’m just intensely listening.

Brad:                                   Listen, that’s what we do inside of our video course. Look, other sleep consultants … In case you’ve never heard of a baby sleep consultant, yes, they’re a real thing, obviously. I want to tell you what other sleep consultants do. Other sleep consultants, what they do is they usually offer one or two things or both, and it’s crazy. They either offer, hey, you can send them an e-mail and they’ll answer a couple questions for a couple hundred bucks. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never sent a couple hundred dollar e-mail in my life. Second of all, they offer a phone call, but that’s a one-time phone call for a one-time thing. Then what happens a day later when you have another question? You get to buy another $300 one-hour phone call and it just doesn’t really work out that way.

We’re going to explain what we do. We’re going to explain why we’re better. We’re going to explain exactly why you must work with us if you want to get a sleeping baby. Even if you think you’ve tried everything, we are going to make it happen. Even if you have no plan. Even if this is your first child and you have no idea what to do. Even if you have twins, triplets. Even if you are a working mom, a single mom, a daycare mom, all that kind of stuff, we get it done.

We’re going to tell you what we have going on here. Two vocabulary words before we start so that you can think clearly because we help mom and dads think clearly. Value and price. Value is what something’s worth. Obviously, the value that we start with a good night’s sleep is priceless. Hello. Price is what you pay for it. Price is the monetary outlay. Money is just a tool for exchange. You have money. The store has groceries. The grocery store hands you groceries. You hand them money. You both are happy. That’s the price.

Here’s what we have going on. When you become our student and you join our sleep accelerator course, here’s what we do. We’re going to personally mentor you for four hours in a small group setting. You get four weeks of live small group mentoring. A couple people on here. We put you in groups with like-minded people so that you can be encouraged by them as well. You get to jump on a webinar just like this where you see us and we see you, and all that kind of stuff.

Greta:                                  We talk, and we dig into your situation.

Brad:                                   We talk.

Greta:                                  We get to know you and who your baby is.

Brad:                                   That alone by itself is pretty much a $2,000 value.

Greta:                                  Way more than that.

Brad:                                   Yeah, way more than that. Again, this is not the price that you’re going to pay for our mentoring, but this is the value. It’s an incredible value of what we have going on. What’s in our sleep accelerator course? This here. I’ve got to go like this so I can see. Our sleep accelerator course, these are all the video sections. The Thoughtful Theories. We’re going to tell you why you’re going to do what you’re going to do. The Rock Solid Routines, we’re going to show you how to do what you’re going to do. We talk about babies in their first year. We talk about toddlers. Everything that you need to know with toddlers. Am I blocking you out there? Sorry.

Greta:                                  I’m just looking.

Brad:                                   Our favorite section, our most popular section, Troubleshooting and Tips. Guys, we just added even more videos to this. Over 50 videos total. Guys, no one teaches this stuff. No one teaches it like she does especially. [crosstalk 00:28:07] Easily … I know. I’m so charming. Easily $1,000 value. We’ve got easily a $3,000 value on what we have going on here as well. The next thing we’re going to do. Do you need to jump in?

Greta:                                  Nope.

Brad:                                   Oh, okay. Look, the next thing we’re going to do-

Greta:                                  This is just my favorite part too.

Brad:                                   This is just a favorite part.

Greta:                                  I have a lot of favorite parts.

Brad:                                   The next we’re going to do, we’re going to get you into our mastermind group. Remember how we told you community is so important? We’re going to get you into our mastermind group. This is all the students that you’re going to get to commune with, and be encouraged by, and do life with to get your baby sleeping through the night.

Greta:                                  Seriously? $349 value?

Brad:                                   This-

Greta:                                  This is lifetime access to the Facebook mastermind group.

Brad:                                   Lifetime access.

Greta:                                  This is a place where you can continually ask questions.

Brad:                                   You get to ask on Facebook. We answer them all the time.

Greta:                                  If something comes up a year from now, you get to ask another question and keep asking questions.

Brad:                                   Guys, easily worth that value, but here’s what we do. We’re going to get you everything that you need to get your baby sleeping through the night. It’s complete, done for your solution. We’re going to mentor you. We are going to spoon feed you guys. You can rest easy. We are going to help you get your baby sleeping through the night. We’re even going to include some more bonuses and what we have going on. Listen, our baby sleep cheat sheet. $99.00 value. We’re going to make sure that you get that.

Listen, Breastfeeding Survival Guide. You guys breastfeed. We love breastfeeding moms. Big portion of what we have going on. If you don’t that’s fine too, but a lot of you do, and we’re going to make sure that is completely addressed and everything is handled. The Baby Scheduling with Siblings. Maybe you’re crazy and have six kids like us. We’re going to give you the tips and the inside secrets on how to do it like us and get your baby sleeping through the night. Isn’t that amazing?

Greta:                                  It’s amazing. Amazing. Huge value.

Brad:                                   What we have going on right there … I’ve got my slides out of order. Look, that total value, if you haven’t thought about it, $3,888. Now, guys, this is not the price, but this is the total value of what we have going on for our course. Now, our course price. Now we’re going to talk about price, what it costs to work with us. Price, normally $3,888 dollars’ worth of value normally sell … We normally sell everything that you see here for $597. That’s an amazing price for that value.

Greta:                                  For a lifetime of sleep? For a lifetime of sleep that would be an amazing price.

Brad:                                   $597. Think of it. It’s half the price of one college credit. Hello. I took a lot dumber college courses than getting your baby sleeping through the night. Half the price of a college credit. Think of this, guys. You go away on a weekend, a two-night, three-night weekend. A mini three-day vacay you’re going to spend more than that. If you’re going to spend that much money on three nights of sleep, wouldn’t you spend that kind of money on sleeping forever? Sleeping the rest of the year, the rest of the month? Hello. That just makes sense.

Here’s what we’re going to do. I told you at the beginning we’re going to do something unbelievable special. We’re going to do a one-time offer. Guys, this price is not going to be around forever because listen, the reality is we cannot work with the world. We’re consultants. We cannot work with the whole world. (singing) We can’t do that. We cannot do that because we devote so much time and effort and energy to our students. It doesn’t matter if your baby’s up 10 times a night. It doesn’t matter your situation. We dive in and make it happen, and spend the appropriate amount of time. That’s why what we do works, so we can’t work with the whole world.

I’m going to show you an unbelievable offer right here, but you’re going to need to jump on it ASAP because we only have so many spots. We cannot fill them all, all the time and work with everybody, so while this is open, guys, we’re going to give you everything that we’ve seen here, the video course, the four sessions of mentoring, the mastermind courses, the baby sleep cheat sheet, the sibling schedule plan, and the Breastfeeding Survival Guide al for a one-time payment of $197. Guys, $197 for everything that you just see here.

Greta:                                  Your sanity is worth $197. Your family needs you. They need a rested mama. They need you. Because you don’t sleep you’ve got anxiety, and you’re irritated, you don’t have the energy to spend with your children. You don’t have the energy to be with your husband and love your family. You don’t have that. You’ve got to get sleeping.

Brad:                                   Right now you need to go to the link below. Sometimes, if you’re watching this video, we may have an orange button that pops to purchase. Otherwise, you can go to and get that now. That’s where you get the baby sleep cheat sheet as well, so either way around you’re going to need to go and get on that.

Now, we’re going to sweeten the pot even more. Right now you’re in. You might even already be over there checking out right now. If you’re sitting on the fence, you’re like, “Oh, yeah. Whatever,” here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to throw in two more unbelievable bonuses. What you don’t know about most sleep consultants is that price for other sleep consultants is per child. With us, if you buy today, if you start working with us, if you make the serious decision that enough is enough, and you need your sleep and you need your sanity right now, guys, if you have two kids, three kids, four kids, five kids, we’re going to work with all of your children. All of your children if you buy this. Now, that is not a per child price. All of your children, we’re going to do that.

Second of all, we are going to get you inside of our mastermind group, but we’re going to give you unlimited invitations to our special Facebook Live events that we do. Our special Facebook Live, where you’re going to go on in between and you’re going to be able to ask us questions and ask us about the topic at hand. We may do a three-day miniseries on toddlers, or a three-day miniseries on this. Our students are always asking this question. We’re going to shoot this kind of video and we’re going to go live and we’re going to talk about that.

You’re going to get infinity, a full lifetime access to all that kind of stuff. We’re going to work with all of your children. We’re going to give you the video course. You’re going to get the four weeks of personal mentoring with us, and get your baby sleeping through the night. Guys, your ship has landed. This will get your baby sleeping through the night.

Greta:                                  Just think about your health. Isn’t your health and wellbeing worth this price?

Brad:                                   Guys, we’re not going to convince you. Look, we work with a lot of people all over the world. If you’re not serious about getting your baby sleeping through the night, this isn’t for you, and that’s fine. Thank you so much for coming. But if you’re serious about getting your baby sleeping through the night, guys, this is a real deal and we only have room to work with people who are serious. We want serious people who are seriously ready to get their baby sleeping through the night because we will get your baby sleeping through the night.

Greta:                                  I just want to encourage you because so many moms will come on here and they’ll be like, “This just is too good to be true. I can’t believe that I can have a sleeping baby within a week or so.” It happens again, and again, and again.

Brad:                                   We have testimonials and testimonials, and piles of that.

Greta:                                  Testimonials.

Brad:                                   It’s unbelievable.

Greta:                                  This is real. This is real. These are not tricks that are only going to work for a short period of time. This is going to get your baby sleeping because they’re going to learn the skill.

Brad:                                   Listen, you have two choices right now. Today, this is a defining moment in your life. Listen to what I’m saying. This is a defining moment in your life. One of two things are going to happen. You’re either going to ignore this webinar and Men In Black yourself and pretend that this never happened, and go away back to your sleep deprived, zombie-like state …

Greta:                                  Don’t do it.

Brad:                                   … or you’re going to make the decision to work directly with us, baby sleep consultants, and get your baby sleeping through the night and get your sleep back.

Greta:                                  Please.

Brad:                                   Get your family back. Listen, if you’re a commission salesperson, you need energy to go to work. It’s costing you money. It’s costing you relationships. It’s costing you your health. This is a big deal. Choose to get your baby sleeping through the night and go from there.

Greta:                                  Please.

Brad:                                   Guys, listen, we don’t want you to go into debt for this course either. All we want you to do … In order to pay for this course, we just want you to shift your disposable income. Those $5.00 Starbucks frou-frou drinks that, I don’t know, I think she drinks, but … I take my coffee straight black. Black. No sugar. Nothing. Listen, you shift your McDonald’s money, or your mad money, or whatever money, that little disposable income …

Greta:                                  Or you just skip the next time you go out of town. Instead of taking that next trip say, “Let’s just stay home and let’s just get our life in order.”

Brad:                                   “Let’s just get something way better than that.” Listen, that type of money, you can do it. Look, guys, we’re talking about 50 cents a day. We’re talking about less than … We’re talking about 50 cents a day to get your baby sleeping through the night, to have baby sleep consultants that you know will get your baby sleeping through the night. Guys, listen, you know what we’re saying is the truth. You need to work with us and get your baby sleeping through the night for that amount of money. Absolutely.

If for some reason that doesn’t work or whatever, we can get you into our video course for just $69.00, but the $197 is such an incredible value. You need to do it. Go to right now. You can see testimonials, you can get the baby sleep cheat sheet, and you can sign up and you get instant access right now. You’ll have access to those videos that you can watch. In 10 minutes or less, you’re going to get access to doing that.

Greta:                                  If I could put 50 cents in a little machine every night and guarantee that I’m going to get a good night’s sleep …

Brad:                                   Oh, my gosh.

Greta:                                  … I would totally do it.

Brad:                                   Guys, I’ve spent money on such dumber stuff than sleep. I could go to my closet and show you stupider stuff than sleep. It’s unbelievable, guys. It’s so affordable. This is the real deal, but listen, we only have room to work with serious people because what we do works. If you’re not serious, please don’t bother, but if you’re serious, this is what we need to do.

Some frequently asked questions that we get, “Do you talk about teething?” Yes. “Do you work with twins?” Yes. “Do you work with newborns?” “I’m pregnant. I’ve never even had a first baby yet.” Yes, we work with you.

Greta:                                  Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Brad:                                   “I’m 38 and having a surprise number four. Do you work with them?” Yes, of course. Guys, we do it all. If it’s in there and if you some reason you have some type of an issue we’ll make a video about it. If we don’t have a video about it, we’ll make you a video about it. Now, guys-

Greta:                                  Just for you.

Brad:                                   Just for you. Now, look, we’re not doctors. We don’t solve the world’s problems. World peace, we haven’t gotten there yet, but listen, we’re going to get your baby staying in bed, eating their vegetables, sleeping at night out of your bed, out of your room. Whatever crazy thing it is there’s someone just like you in our mentor course that you’re going to meet that you’re going to go be able to talk to just like you that was at where you were. We’re going to pair you up and you’re going to meet them, and it is going to be unbelievable.

Greta:                                  You talked about eating vegetables. That doesn’t have to do with sleep.

Brad:                                   But we’re going to help. It helps. Toddlers, we’ll get them eating vegetables.

Greta:                                  We actually talk a lot about toddler training. It’s not just a sleep thing.

Brad:                                   Yeah, this isn’t baby. If you have a toddler, a two, three, four-year-old this is for you. We talk about authority issues and how to get your baby to do things, and setting up your days. Look, all the little things that no one else teaches. Guys, go to Click on this. You need to get this stuff right now before everything fills up. I don’t know how long this offer’s going to be up. I don’t know how many students are left, but you need to get into this right now and get your baby sleeping through the night. Greta, anything else we need to tell these people?

Greta:                                  Well, please. Please, just do it. Just come with us on the journey.

Brad:                                   Do yourself a favor, get your baby sleeping through the night. This is your ship. Your ship has landed. Guys, this is it. $197 for that $3,888 worth of value. You get everything. You’re not left out. The full ongoing support. You’re going to get all of your questions answered. We work for you. We’re going to get your baby sleeping through the night. All right? Do it. Do it right now. Why are you still watching? Go to right now. Check in your name. It’s so simple to order. It’s so simple to. Put in your name and you click $197 and we will make your life miserable. You won’t even believe that you only paid-

Greta:                                  We’ll make your life miserable?

Brad:                                   No. We won’t make your life miserable. No. We will not make your life miserable.

Greta:                                  No.

Brad:                                   We’ll make your life unbelievable.

Greta:                                  No.

Brad:                                   It will be so unbelievable you won’t even be able to tell. All that kind of good stuff.

Greta:                                  It won’t be miserable.

Brad:                                   It won’t be miserable.

Greta:                                  Did we talk about the video course?

Brad:                                   We talked about the video course.

Greta:                                  No, the video course only? That option.

Brad:                                   Oh, we did. Yeah.

Greta:                                  We did? Okay.

Brad:                                   If for some reason you’re still watching this, which I hope you’re not, again, we can get you into just the video course, none of the other good stuff for $69.00. You should at least walk away with that. Guys, if you’re serious about getting your baby sleeping through the night the $197. Mentoring. Full blown. We will make it happen. This is such a deal. Other sleep consultants charge so much more for so much less. For less than the price of an e-mail almost, you can get your baby sleeping through the night. Get us, the four weeks of the sessions, everything that we’ve got going on. The baby sleep cheat sheet. The Sibling Sleep Survival Guide. The Breastfeeding Survival Guide. All that kind of stuff. We will get it for you. You’ll have access in less than 10 minutes, and you will get your baby sleeping through the night. See you, guys.

Greta:                                  Bye.

Brad:                                   We are going to see you inside the course right now. Go on. Go, go, go, go, go, go.