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Baby Sleep Coach

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Brad:                    Hey guys, what’s going on? It is Brad with We are a baby sleep coach and I am coming to you solo today. I’m actually doing a little bit of traveling. I’m headed to Chicago, which is about three hours straight east of us. Greta is at home. She is babysitting two kids from our church. We had a couple who is just having another baby, so we happily agreed to take their two children. They have an eight year old and a two year old, so we’re watching them. Greta’s at home with eight kids today. Obviously, we have six of our own. Today is Wednesday. Greta goes to Bible study on Wednesdays. The women take turns making lunch on Wednesdays. She’s watching eight kids and prepared lunch today for 60 some-odd people. With those eight kids, I don’t know, three or four of them are under four. Three of them are two and under.

She’s got quite her hands full, but she is amazing. That’s why I married her. I couldn’t marry her fast enough. Someday we’re going to tell you the story of how we got married, because it’s interesting. She is wonderful and she is a good thing and she is my help-mate suitable and a blessing from the lord. I am super blessed to be with her. That is what she’s doing. I have the easy job of traveling today.

The other night, I don’t know if you caught it, but we went live. We had pretty much a record-breaking live. The lives that we do seem to be getting bigger and bigger. The following that we’re creating is really something special. It continues to get bigger and bigger and more people are checking us out and sniffing us, for lack of a better term and seeing what we’re all about. Watching the testimonials. You guys give such good testimonials. We’re very appreciative of all those testimonials that you have. We went live. We had almost 3,000 people log on and watch us. We had basically 10,000 people see our live, but right at about, I think it’s about 3,000. It was like 2,900 a couple days ago. Right at around 3,000 people stopped and either asked questions or listened to us, which was a really big honor. It was so cool. We were able to help so many families. We gave away a lot of good content to try to help people get their babies sleeping through the night and get their toddlers eating their vegetables and all that good stuff.

The psychology of what we do when we go live, and it basically ties into our teaching style, is we have to give people epiphanies. When people come to us, they typically, 99 times out of 100, have a presupposition of some type of belief pattern that they think about children. They come to us with an idea in their head, usually about why their babies can’t sleep through the night and why their baby needs a pacifier or why their baby needs a swaddle and all that stuff. It’s the same way we set up our webinar. If you guys haven’t watched our webinar, you need to do that., three secrets of a sleeping baby. Our main goal when we talk with people, is to give them an epiphany. Every person we talk to has to have an epiphany. An epiphany comes, it looks something like this. They come to us saying, “Oh, you know, help me. My child can’t be without the pacifier.” I have to give them the epiphany that yes, their baby can.

First and foremost, I have to translate the excitement into belief. That, yes your baby can go without the pacifier. Just the general idea. Not that they can do it. Just the general idea that a baby can survive without the pacifier. Then my next job is to make them believe that they can do it. Tied in with that is a two-step process. I’ve got to make them believe that they can do it as a parent and I’ve got to make them believe that their baby can do it as a baby. I want to give them the general belief that babies can do it. Then I want to give them the epiphany that them as mom and their child can do that. Then I want to tell them how that happens. How that happens is two ways. One, it happens with knowing the right way to implement that. Then number two, that comes with having the emotional and mental support to implement the how to on that.

We’ll never get someone to accomplish that if they first don’t have the epiphany and the belief that babies, in general, can, and if they don’t believe that they actually can achieve that. We have to change that mindset, in order to do that. Now, this applies … What’s so funny about this is that this applies to any topic in your whole entire life. Whether you want to get a promotion at work or whether you want to start a side business or whether you want to go back to college or whether you want to save $2,500 for a fancy trip. Okay. You have to start with the epiphany of, this is possible. Then you have to have the epiphany of yes, I can do it. Then you have the, here’s how I’m going to do it. Then you have to stick with, or then you have to get something that will keep you on track, implementing your how-to’s to achieve that scenario.

If you don’t think you can, it doesn’t matter how good the how-to is. If you don’t think you can, it doesn’t even matter that you have someone trying to make sure that you do that, because you will fight and kick and scream the whole way if you’re someone that just hasn’t bought into that idea of the epiphany. The best clients that come to us, are people who have had epiphanies on their own already. They come to us and they’re like, “Okay. Seriously, babies are supposed to be doing this. Mine’s not. My baby should be doing this. I need help.” When those people come to us, it’s 75% of our work is already done. They come to us and we just say, “Oh, yeah. We have the best how-to’s.” Then we teach them our model of having good how-to’s and we’re going to help you implement those how-to’s. They become our clients.

That’s what you have to do. You have to have the epiphany and translate the thought and excitement of the desired result. We talked to a client yesterday on a mentoring session. This client has a baby that is still waking up. They went from waking up two or three or four or five times during the night, to basically sleeping through the night. Which, sidebar, it’s amazing how some people in our course, they’ve had such an epiphany that they’ve gone from their baby literally being up five to ten times during the night to now we’re getting messages like, “Well, my baby went from 7:00 p to 6:30 a and I really want them to go from 7:00 p to 7:00 a. Help.” We’re like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, time out. Let’s just remember that three days ago, you were getting up five times during the night and let’s just take a minute to celebrate the 11 hours of sleep that you’re getting, okay.” Big deal. Hashtag big deal.

They want their baby … They have these epiphanies and these belief patterns. That’s what we teach. That’s a really cool thing. We were on a call. Baby was getting up five times a night. Now they’re still getting up one time per night. We’re still trying to start from scratch there of, “Hey, listen. Your baby can go all the way through the night.” We’re trying to give that particular client the epiphany of they can do it. Look, they’re on the front lines. From their perspective, they’re the one that literally hears their own baby cry, so it’s difficult, right. No one likes to hear a crying baby. We have to instill, “Hey listen. Your baby, six month old or what not, can sleep all the way through the night. No, they don’t need that 3:00 am feeding.” I have to have them have that epiphany.

If we don’t give them that epiphany, it doesn’t matter if we spend the next hour, let’s even say we then have to spend the next hour on a one-on-one basis, telling that client the exact how-to’s and saying, “Now, we’re going to make sure that this happens. We’re going to see you through it.” It doesn’t matter if they don’t have the epiphany that their baby needs to wake up at 3:00 am and have a feeding. You have to get in with that belief, and then changing and implementing is really easy from that point.

Guys, have an epiphany of what you want your life to be like. Of what you want your baby’s life to be like. This is a challenge because so many of us have such small expectations of our family, our life, and our babies, in particular. Our kids. My expectations for my kids, and this is my thought pattern, are so low. I’m constantly, constantly trying to have my bar raised for the expectations of our kids. Some people look at our kids and say, “Wow, your kids are amazing.” All this stuff.

We trained Annika, our oldest, at six years old to wake up and make the family bacon and eggs for breakfast. We did that and that was great. She can do that at any time, but she’s eight. The only thing holding my eight year old back from doing even more and unbelievable, amazing things, which she feels amazing about by the way. I don’t know if we podcasted about training your children and how amazing your kids and important your kids feel when you train them to do something important. Nothing makes your kids feel more important than having a seriously real task with real consequences and real positive outcomes. Nothing makes them feel more important than that. They can burn the eggs or they can make perfect eggs. When that’s on the line and they make eggs successfully, nothing makes my daughter feel more big and more important than that. Maybe we’ll podcast about that next.

Give your daughter … The thing holding my eight year old back from accomplishing bigger and greater things is simply the epiphany that I have that they can do these things and my result to create my worldview. Children live into your worldview. You have to make sure that your worldview is big enough. When you hear, “My son could be the next president of the United States.” Well, I would challenge you to see if your epiphany and your worldview really seriously has that on the table for your child. If your six month old is really on the table for sleeping through the night or eating their vegetables or staying in their crib or whatever is the task. Believe that they can do it. Your child can do it. It’s not … It’s scientifically proven that your child can accomplish X.

Go into our … If you’re a member, if you’re one of our students, go in and watch the video that we have of those kindergartners playing the guitar. For those of you that aren’t our clients, in our members area, we have a video of these, I don’t know, they’re literally five and six year olds. They’re of Asian decent. They’re Oriental, Chinese, from Japan, something like that, Korean. There are these five and six year olds that are giving the most unbelievable guitar performance that you’ll ever see in your life. When we think of that, we think, “Wow. Those kids are amazing”, and all this stuff. Well all that happened was their parents had an epiphany and a vision of what can happen. Then they went out and they got the how-to’s. Then they went and held themselves and their children accountable. They were able to perform amazing tasks.

When you have those three steps of the epiphany, the how-to, and the mentoring of the implementation. Guys, that’s when the sky is the limit. Whatever you do, go out and find those three things and you can accomplish anything for you and your family and your children. That’s all, guys. Thanks for checking us out. I could ramble probably the next two hours on my drive, but we’re going to save some things for some other podcasts. Have a fantastic day. Train your children. You guys can do it. We look forward to seeing you on the inside and working with us as students.