Baby Fights Sleep

Baby Fights Sleep? Hear Our Story!

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Brad:                    Yeah, hello there.

Greta:                   Hello.

Brad:                    How is everybody? We’re just getting out of church and finishing up a little bite of crab rangoon.

Greta:                   Crab rangoon.

Brad:                    Here we are again. Our guilty pleasure.

Greta:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brad:                    It’s a good night because we’re having some crab rangoon again. It’s just so good. I don’t know.

Greta:                   It is good. We’re doing the restaurant crab rangoon tour. Trying out all the crab rangoons.

Brad:                    Trying out different crab rangoons.

Greta:                   Yeah, it’s fun.

Brad:                    That’s a good deal. Another warm day in Iowa, so that was super nice. Very nice. Winter is on the way out and spring’s on the way in, so that is a really good thing. Had a good day in the My Baby Can Sleep world. We had multiple people come into the course today, so we’re super excited to be changing more peoples lives. We have people come in through a webinar, so you should totally watch our webinar if you haven’t yet: We give away the three secrets of a sleeping baby. Then in there we show you what it’s like to work with us. It’s a no brainer to work with us. In fact, back in the day, I suppose which we’ll tell you about here in a minute, we got a consultant ourselves. That’s why we believe in what we do so much is because we’ve hired other consultants when we were young. It’s really been … While we were young.

Greta:                   When we were young.

Brad:                    When we were young.

Greta:                   Well, that’s like-

Brad:                    When we were in our 20’s.

Greta:                   ten years ago.

Brad:                    Yeah, I guess it’s 10 years ago.

Greta:                   Almost, almost. We’re getting old.

Brad:                    Yeah. I’m 33 and Greta is 35, but we still have John Luke who is six months. What is he?

Greta:                   Five.

Brad:                    Five months, yeah. Just got a tooth and all that kind of good stuff.

Greta:                   We made it through the first teething.

Brad:                    Yes.

Greta:                   You know what? It wasn’t bad at all. I’ll have to talk about that on a podcast I think, maybe.

Brad:                    Yeah, another one.

Greta:                   I don’t know.

Brad:                    Maybe we’ll do that next time.

Greta:                   Yeah.

Brad:                    We’ll do that next time. This time we promised you all that we were going to talk to you about the time that we went to our first parenting class and we didn’t have kids.

Greta:                   Yeah, I’m really excited-

Brad:                    Greta, tell them. Tell them the story.

Greta:                   I’m super excited to tell you the story. I think it’s fun for you guys to get to know us a little bit and get to know our parenting journey. We didn’t have it all figured out.

Brad:                    Yeah, we had no advantage. Our parents weren’t baby sleep consultants. We’re not second generation sleep consultants or anything like that.

Greta:                   Actually, my mother told me that she rocked me to sleep every time she put me to sleep. She did that whole deal and I turned out fine, so it’s okay. She didn’t teach me this stuff, so we had to go out and learn it.

Brad:                    Yeah, and here what we knew, we were smart enough to know at that age that babies are tough and hard. We wanted to get as much information as we could to be prepared, to be great parents. We were just going to get it right, and do it perfectly, and just be the model parents for doing all that.

Greta:                   Right, yeah.

Brad:                    We signed up for the class.

Greta:                   Right, so we were a part of this church. We had a family that we looked at and really admired. We thought, wow. They really know what they’re doing. They have fantastic kids who were grown up, one in college I think at the time and one that was 10 years old maybe.

Brad:                    They were a range.

Greta:                   Yeah, a range. Four kids and we just thought, wow. Wow. They really know what they’re talking about.

Brad:                    We’ll have what you’re drinking.

Greta:                   This family put on parenting classes. At the time we were newly married, married for about a year. We didn’t have kids. We had talked about starting to try and have kids. We just really wanted to be prepared and we wanted to go into this journey with the right mindset.

Brad:                    That sounds familiar, the right mindset.

Greta:                   Right.

Brad:                    That’s secret number one on our webinar at

Greta:                   Anyway, they were starting a parenting class and we joined. We were couple number four of four couples. One family had two, and two families had four kids each. We had none. We weren’t even pregnant when we started. I think we found out we were pregnant three of four classes in.

Brad:                    Yeah, into the class we-

Greta:                   Yeah, into the class we found out we were pregnant.

Brad:                    We got to justify being there.

Greta:                   Yeah, but so we learned. We learned about parenting and the foundation of how we wanted to raise our family with structure, and routine, and pointing them towards God. Then eight months later after we finished the class, well the class was really long I guess, it was less than that, six months later after we finished the class we had our baby. We had our first baby, a little girl. Do you want me to continue?

Brad:                    Yeah, no. You’re doing great.

Greta:                   All right.

Brad:                    I’m like into it. I don’t remember all the details that you do so I’m like, “Tell me my life story.”

Greta:                   Yeah, so anyway, Anika was born. We had taken the parenting class but it was for older kids. Then we were preparing for the newborn phase as well. We bought the hundred dollar video class, six week video class, with the workbooks and everything. We went through it ourselves and we were all prepared. We were so excited. We were going to get our baby on a schedule and she is going to be sleeping through the night at eight weeks old.

Brad:                    Just like we had read the book and we were like, “Oh, man. It is going to go just like that.”

Greta:                   Yeah, it’s going to be so easy and this is exactly what you do. We were prepared.

Brad:                    Piece of cake. All you gotta do is read the book and you’re set.

Greta:                   We got the book, we did all that, had the baby. For the first four weeks it was just like the book said it was going to be. She did so beautifully, slept well during naps. Was even starting to stretch out her night. I think before four weeks old she had a six hour chunk a couple nights in a row, but then, but then, I call it the four week curse in our house when my babies wake up from their newborn sleep coma. She refused to take naps anymore. Her nights started going even worse than before. There was a period of three hours every night from 10:00 to 1:00 am that she would just cry and cry. I’m like, “What in the world is going on? What am I going to do?”

Brad:                    It’s funny because now we get that same question all the time. We get moms calling in and it’s like, “Oh, my baby slept so well and now they don’t sleep at all.” We’re on the other side of that, by the way. We do talk about that in our course, but things change with the baby. When you get a book or you get information, typically they give you schedules but they don’t really help you understand how to transition and how to get your baby from A to B. Those sorts of things.

Greta:                   Right, or what happens when it doesn’t go just like the book?

Brad:                    Right.

Greta:                   Yeah. Is this normal?

Brad:                    Right.

Greta:                   Is this amount of crying normal?

Brad:                    Right. You can’t ask the book, right? We knew we needed more help than a book. The book was fine. I’m glad we did it, glad we bought it. It pointed our feet in the right direction. It gave us some sort of order and structure for our family, but no baby follows the book forever.

Greta:                   Right.

Brad:                    We had a problem, a big problem.

Greta:                   We had a big problem. I didn’t know what to do. If we would have just gone with the flow and done whatever it took to pacify her, I don’t even know where we would have been.

Brad:                    Yeah, well we had been doing all those same crazy things that we hear our students do. We just did an interview, you have to go watch it. We did an interview with a gal named Grace. Grace is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet in your life. She’s like so many other parents out there though because she was just at her wits end. The only way they can get their baby to sleep, and we’ll have to ask her how she discovered this, she must have been doing dishes or something, but anyways running water would put their baby to sleep. They would literally lay the baby down by the sink.

Greta:                   Hold her by the sink.

Brad:                    Leave the faucet running for hours. Whenever their baby had to take a nap they would lay their baby down by the faucet and the faucet would run for hours. That’s what they did to get their baby sleeping. I’m sure that with our creativity we would have found something.

Greta:                   We would have found something.

Brad:                    We would have found something just as whatever is clever, I’ll say is clever, so anyways.

Greta:                   We knew we had a big problem, but thankfully we got in touch with a consultant.

Brad:                    Yeah. We knew we needed to talk to somebody. We needed to go, “Okay, this is happening. What do we do? Is this okay? Is this okay? Is this okay?” We needed a plan. I don’t know. Maybe we felt unique, like we were the only ones that had our first child at four months old and didn’t sleep. No one in the world had had this problem but us, or at four months.

Greta:                   Four weeks.

Brad:                    Four weeks, yeah. We got a baby sleep consultant and it transformed our lives.

Greta:                   It changed everything. In a matter of two weeks, she was a completely different baby. We even started out with a good routine and a schedule. We had all of the elements.

Brad:                    Yeah, so Greta was a stay at home mom. We were able to afford all the necessary books. There was just no extenuating circumstances as to why the baby was doing this.

Greta:                   Right. We just needed help. We needed to be pointed in the right direction. We needed this woman to give us confidence in going in that direction. I am so thankful. Through that process of learning about all of the ins and outs of sleep training and going through the issues myself with my first and second daughter and six children, we’ve learned a ton.

Brad:                    Well, and once you figure it out, and once you work with someone that can tell you how to do things, and work with you, and teach you, and train you what to recognize and all those sort of things, you cling to it with your life. Because it’s like the skill of making money, or the skill of making beautiful music, or the skill of painting beautiful … You cling to this as your lifeblood and we just wanted to get it right. We wanted to get really, really good at it so we never experienced a baby that wouldn’t sleep again. That’s what we did. We got really good at it and six kids later and helping people. We got really good at it and started helping other people, and people at church and all that kind of stuff. It just became this thing. We just said, “Gosh, why don’t we just put this online and try to help people all over the world with a goal of doing that?” I don’t know. Here we are.

Greta:                   Here we are.

Brad:                    Here we are will a full feature podcast, and families all over the world, and all that good stuff. That is the story there but again, no matter what you want to do in life get a mentor. If you want to be rich, go find someone that’s rich and say, “Hey, what did you do?” Do exactly what they did. If you want to be a great athlete go find a great athlete and say, “Hey, what did you do?” If you want your baby sleeping thought the night get a baby sleep consultant that can work with you, and put a custom plan together, and teach you, and train your mind, and train your actions, and train your family to get your baby sleeping through the night. A great place to start, we happen to know really good baby sleep consultants.

Greta:                   Wait, wait. My turn. My turn.

Brad:                    Yep, that’s a great place to start. You can get the three secrets of a sleeping baby there, and get your baby sleeping through the night. That is it. We are going to see you guys next week. We’ll have lots more fun and exciting stuff to talk about that as well. We’ll go from there. Have a great night everybody. I hope you guys get lots of sleep.

Greta:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brad:                    Alrighty.

Greta:                   We’re going to.

Brad:                    Yeah.

Greta:                   Goodnight.

Brad:     We’ll see you later. Bye bye.